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Hi and welcome to the My HR Library

This site has been created because there are simple every day documents that every business owner needs and quite frankly, they are:

1. Too expensive – to tailor a document can take a couple of hours, but that can be hundreds of dollars for a single letter or checklist, to pay a specialist to do it
2. Too time consuming – who has time to Google what you need and then create ‘something’ that you think might do the trick
3. Too hard to know what you need – designing forms and HR docs is not what you are good at, nor why you got into business….it certainly shouldn’t be the focus of what you do now….and what if you forget something that should be included?

Here we make it simple for you, we have shared with you all of our standard templates that we use for our clients, so that you can use them for yourself. Just log in whenever you need something, download it, throw on your Logo, tailor anything you want to…and use!

It really is that simple!

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As you know, there are three levels of membership to choose from. You can upgrade at any time on the left hand tool bar. The levels are:

  • HR Templates – these are standard HR documents and templates
  • HR Process – complete ePackets including the how-tos and emails all in one simple Survival Kit
  • HR Compliance – this one we partner with a law firm to ensure that what you have, meets legislation. It will require us talking and tailoring, which is why it’s a little more

Need help with a specific document and want one of our HR Consultants to help? That’s ok too, just click on the ‘Help Me Tailor’ link and we would be only too happy to do so.

Want us to create a new standard document? Sure! If you need it, chances are another business owner will too, complete the request a standard document and we will figure out the best option to appear on the site.

This site is about keeping it simple, allowing you to grow and focus on what you need and want to be doing, to grow your business.

Yours in growth

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